Ajeesh's Bansuri learning journey so far!

My name is Ajeesh, and I am a software engineer based in London. I was fascinated by the bamboo flutes since childhood but never got a chance to learn it. As a child, I tried to make flutes from bamboo and tried to play many times, but it never worked. Around five years ago, I decided to commit some time learning it from a professional flautist and started searching for a teacher who can teach me remotely. That's how I met Shri Venugopal Hegde.

Teaching lessons started with how to make proper note from a flute and then dived into Alankaras and continued that for almost a year. The first raga I come across was Hamsadhwani, and I practised it for nearly a year and a half. During this time, I changed my flute from C Scale to G# and F#. Also practised a Keerthanam "Vatapi Ganapatim" composed in Hamsadwani.  Now I'm practising Yaman raga, and familiarising with the E Scale and the D Bass flutes.  I felt trying with the D Bass flute made it easy to play the E Scale one. In my opinion, the entire process of learning bansuri is relaxing and fulfilling.

Shri Venugopal ji's patience and pedagogy are very commendable. Each learning session starts with simple Aalaps which we can easily follow. Then he slowly gets into complex notes. He integrates various ornamentation techniques such as Gamaka, Murkhi, Zamzama, etc. He is a genius in bansuri. It's a treat listening to him when he improvises a composition.

I try to practice twice or thrice in a week. I do not follow any specific routine for practising. Instead, I practise whenever I feel to do so. I record the skype session with Shri Venugopal ji using ECamm recorder. When I practice practice,  I playback the recorded videos and try to follow.

I am looking forward to becoming an excellent flute player in the coming years. Thank you very much to Venugopal ji for his help.