My passion towards music

I am Biju Balan Vakayil. By birth I am a malayalai but brought up in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore district - Tamilnadu. I had a great interest on music from my childhood days. Listening to film songs where one of my hobbies but I never had a chance to learn music at all. I always had great inclination to piano, flute, Guitar and Veena instruments and wondered about playing them. During my college days, I enjoyed playing my favorite songs in the keyboard.

When I moved to U.K in 2009, all my dreams towards music became true. I learned western music in Keyboard for two years. I always had the thirst to learn flute but I don't know whether I should learn carnatic or Hindhusthani. One fine day in the year 2014, I came across website and I contacted Venugopal sir about the Bansuri lesson to which he agreed.

My Bansuri journey started on 26th September with Raag Yaman. Venugopal Sir, patiently taught me how to play each swaras and how a Raga is composed and played. I enjoyed each and every session with my master. It was blissful. The style I was taught was Maihar Seniya..I watched many of his videos and his Guru Nithyanand Haldipur's video in YouTube which helped me to develop myself.

Whenever I practice Bansuri at home my friends enjoy my playing. I am very pleased with that because what else a musician would expect if people around him enjoys his music. As the days passed, my playing got improved and Venugopal sir introduced me to other Ragas like Hamsadhvani, Bihaag, Madhuvanthi and now Brindhavani Sarang. We spent about minimum a year on each Raga which helped me to understand the Ragas in detail. All the Ragas are awesome. It feels so divine and leaves me in a blissful state. Especially the way Venugopal sir plays I couldn't explain in words. Hopefully, I will play like him in coming days.