Venuganapriya Govinda !

|| Srinivaso Vijayathe ||

Our Academy's name "Venuganapriya" comes from Sri Govinda Namavali. In that, one verse comes as "Govinda Hari Govinda Venuganapriya Govinda". Meaning, "The one who loves the music of flute is Govinda (Sri Krishna)"

By the Grace of God and my Gurus blessings I have been learning the beautiful Bansuri since last two decades. I always play Bansuri being in the remembrance of the Divine for the self elevation.

My sincere thanks to all the students of our academy who are sharing their journey in music here. All the love my students have been showing towards me belong to the Divine and I present that to the Divine Lotus Feet seeking the blessings.

Thank you 
Venugopal S Hegde
Dharwad, India.